Dogs and people have one of the most symbiotic relationships in nature. They were the first domesticated animal. They are the only domesticated predator. Respect your dog! Your dog wants to help you! Training your dog is not about obedience. Training your dog is about learning to speak and listen to your dog.

Dogs and people have lived and worked together for at least 10,000 years. New DNA research suggests they have been part of our lives for more than 30,000 years. We have hunted and herded together. We have been part of their families and they have been part of ours. Before the wheel was invented, dogs defended our homes and families and we defended theirs. A dog’s natural environment is not a forest. It’s your home.

Most people come to training to get their dog to stop doing “bad” things. Dogs generally don’t do “bad” things. Dogs do things that make them happy or help them avoid difficult situations.

Everyone has seen service dogs, or just a very well trained dog. People often say of their own dog when they meet a well trained dog, “I wish I had been lucky enough to get a good dog.” Well, the bad news is you get the dog you make.

Dogs are the only non-primates who understand our emotions because they have the same emotions. If a child cries out, it stimulates exactly the same part of a dog’s brain as a human’s brain. When a puppy yelps, your brain responds exactly the same way as a dog’s brain.

Dogs love to work because their job is to do new, fun and interesting things with the coolest person in the world. You.

Training your dog well is not difficult. With just a little homework, a few minutes every day, and patience, you and your dog can learn to work together. Your dog will be happier. You will be happier. A well trained dog is a well loved dog, and you know they will return that affection.