“Bad Dogs”

The good news is there are no bad dogs.

Yes, you have seen a scary dog. Maybe you’ve had a dog that was hard to deal with or one that destroyed your house. Maybe you’ve even met a biter. You’ve probably even heard of vicious fighting dogs.

In every single case, that dog was scared, confused, abused, neglected or some combination of all of that. It may seem hard to believe, but it is absolutely true. And to prove that every dog is a good dog, perhaps you’ve heard of Michael Vick and his dog fighting ring. He was arrested and convicted of animal abuse, among other things. And the dogs were rescued. Many believed that the dogs were beyond help because they were born and bred to fight. People, including animal experts, believed that they were too vicious, too violent. They had never been socialized with people or other dogs except through violence. Many believed the dogs had to be destroyed.

They were wrong. Meet the Vicktory Dogs. These really are the same dogs who fought and brutalized each other in Michael Vick’s fighting kennel. Those really are “fighting” dogs sleeping and playing with babies.

No matter what issue you and your dog are having, it can be solved! Time, patience, thoughtfulness and trust, plus a little method, and your dog can be your faithful and trustworthy friend.

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