My name is Chris. I’ve been training dogs and their people for over 20 years. If you’re here, I’ll bet you have a dog. And I’ll bet, like most people with dogs, you’ve tried some training. Most dogs are somewhat trained just by being around you. “My dog sits, yeah… But not on a walk, or SQUIRREL!!!! Uh, ok, he listens most of, well, some of the time. He’s a good dog. Mostly.”

We can change that. And it won’t take years or thousands of dollars. Let’s start right now. Make 2 lists. Sit down with your family and talk about this. Go on grab a pen and paper, I’ll wait.

The first list: Things I/We would like our dog to stop doing. (jumping, pulling, whatever it is)

The second list: Things I/We would like our dog to do (sit, heel, bring me my slippers, be ambitious)

And next the big step, setting up a class. Here’s what you’ll need: 1) One hour with the whole family, 2) your dog (obviously, right?) 3) A class room, usually your living room, 4) My phone number, which is 773-949-3284 (use it).

And now the cost of the classes: $35 per one hour class. And to determine how many classes you and your dog need ask yourself these questions: Can I give my dog 30 minutes a day for practice, everyday? Can I be consistent? (It’s “sit,” not “Sit…Sit… Darn it Spot, SIT!!!”) How far do I want to go with my dog?

And about that last question. Most dogs can learn the basics in just a few weeks with one class a week and practice every day. Search and Rescue K-9s and similar professional dogs learn their trade in a few weeks or months (depending on the profession) with just a few hours a day. Again, how far do you want to go with your dog?

When you are ready to get started, just call 773-949-3284

Or if you’d prefer to email, well, it’s a little tricky. Because of a weird limitation of this site, you can’t email me from this site. And because of internet spam, I can’t just give you my email here. But, I do have another website and you can use that site to contact me. Don’t worry, every email goes to me only. Just mention dogs in the Subject line. Here’s the link:

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