Dog Training

There are probably many things you’ve been told about dogs and unfortunately a lot of them might be wrong. If you want to work with your dog, you have to understand him or her. Myths and misconceptions will only stand in the way of you and your dog.

Dogs can fall in love

While many people believe people project our own feelings on animals, science has actually proven that dogs can and do fall in love in the same way people do. Their brains are even affected in the same way and with the same endorphins. If you think your dog gets jealous when you pet another dog, well turns out you’re right. The dog is jealous.


Dogs can read your emotions

Aside from other apes, dogs are the only animal that can not only read your emotions, but they can even read and understand your facial expressions. If you’ve ever had an odd moment when you think you and your dog are reading each others’ mind, don’t worry, both people and dogs are hard wired to understand each other emotionally.

happy labs

Dogs and Humans are the only two species known to seek visual cues from each other’s eyes. Their facial expressions and ours evolved together. Dogs do not look for these cues in any other animals, just us.

250 words

An average dog can learn and understand about 250 human words. Some dogs have learned more than 1,000. And your dog is learning those words, but most owners don’t know what those words are. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what those words are? There is a way!

Get down no!

Well trained dogs live longer

Obviously, if you can call your dog out of danger, he or she will survive longer.  But a well trained dog is a happier dog. A well trained dog knows where he or she fits in your family. A well trained dog knows that this or that situation is not stressful. A well trained dog can tell you when it’s time to get out of a stressful situation rather than feel he or she must take matters into their own paws. And most important, a well trained dog knows you love them because they can see it in your eyes, your face, and yes, they can smell it.

Think about it

There is a member of your family who is as smart as a toddler, who can almost speak and certainly understand, who, given half a chance will fall madly in love with you. And what they want, more than anything in the world, is to understand you and to work with you. Why wouldn’t you help them out?