Work With Your Dog

Training your dog should be about team work and fun. While dogs can be trained to obey, obedience as a final goal is much less reliable than becoming a team. The same idea applies to people, too. A threat can make you do or not do something, but how much more motivated would you be if there were a good reason? And just like your friend who asks you to help move and offers pizza when you’re done, dogs can learn that same patience.

Every dog wants to be trained. Many dog “problems” are just a dog trying to figure out how to live in the human world. A dog doesn’t want to eat your shoes or maul every visitor that comes to the door. They want to chew on something and they want to meet the new people, or sometimes defend the home front from people they don’t know (even if you know them).

Dogs love working with their people because:

1) They get to learn English.

2) They get to spend quality time with their people.

3) They get to learn what’s going on in the sometimes confusing human world.

4) Their people get to learn their language and preferences, including what the dog likes and doesn’t like.

5) Working is fun! (Just imagine if your boss was THE COOLEST PERSON EVER!!! Yup, that reaction your dog has when you get home after being away FOREVER is the same feeling your dog can have toward working with you.)